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1. On Christmas morning, where can most presents be found ready to be unwrapped?

a) Under the Christmas tree

b) Outside the back door

c) In the shops

d) Hidden in a cupboard

2. In Britain, who has traditionally made a speech on TV every Christmas Day since 1957?

a) Father Christmas

b) The Queen

c) The prime minister

d) None of the above

3. A tradition at Christmas is to pull a cracker, but what can be found inside one?

a) a paper hat

b) a joke

c) a small gift

d) all of the above

4. In a traditional Christmas dinner, green vegetables - which looks like very small cabbages - are served. What are they called?

a) cabbage

b) carrots

c) peas

d) Brussels sprouts

5. Which evergreen plant is traditionally used as a Christmas decoration? It's a tradition to kiss someone under it...

a) holly

b) ivy

c) mistletoe

d) fir tree

6. During the Christmas season, it is tradition to go to the theatre to see a pantomime. In these plays, what do we call a man who dresses up as an old woman?

a) dame

b) fall guy

c) clown

d) ventriloquist

1) a, 2) b, 3) d, 4) d, 5) c, 6) a.


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