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小测验 — 如何表达“同意”和“不同意”

小测验 — 如何表达“同意”和“不同意”

在表达“赞同”或“不赞同”时,除了可以说“I agree”和“I disagree”之外,还能使用哪些句型或表达方式呢?通过做下面的测验,丰富你在对事物发表看法、观点时可用的语言。

1. Which of the following is the correct way to say her brother has similar tastes in movies? "She loves horror films."

a) So he loves.

b) So does he.

c) So he does.

d) Neither does he.

2. What is the most appropriate response to this statement?
"I don't like spicy food."

a) Neither do I.

b) So do I.

c) So don't I.

d) Neither do I like.

3. You say, "I love eating chocolate." Which is the correct way to say my boyfriend has similar tastes to me?

a) Nor does my boyfriend.

b) My boyfriend loves her too.

c) And my boyfriend so does.

d) None of the above

4. Someone tells you, "I couldn't swim until I was seven." Which of the following is the correct way of saying your swimming experience was similar?

a) So could I.

b) So couldn't I.

c) Neither could I.

d) Not couldn't I.

5. If someone says, "I come from China", which of the following is the correct way to say you are from China too?

a) So do I.

b) Nor do I.

c) I also come.

d) I do also.

6. Which of the following options could be a response to someone saying, "We won't be going to the party on Saturday."

a) Neither will we.

b) Nor will we.

c) We won't be either.

d) All of the above

1) b, 2) a, 3) d, 4) c, 5) a, 6) d.


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