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小测验 — 描述冬奥会比赛的英语动词

小测验 — 描述冬奥会比赛的英语动词

2018年平昌冬季奥运会于2018年2月9日 - 25日在大韩民国平昌郡举行。在观看任何体育比赛时,能恰当地使用英语单词来描述“观赛、竞技、得奖、夺冠”是我们应掌握的基础知识。做下面这个测验,增加你对描述体育比赛常见动词的英语储备。

1. Which is the correct use of the verb 'to win' in this sentence?
'Russia are likely ______ the ice hockey.'

a) to win

b) winning

c) win

d) winner           

2. Choose the correct form of the verb 'to watch' to compete this sentence:
'Canadians love ______ winter sports.'

a) watches

b) watch

c) watched

d) watching               

3. Pick the correct form of the verb 'to win' to complete this sentence:
'In the 2014 Winter Olympics, Norway managed ______ the most gold medals.'

a) win

b) to win

c) won

d) winning            

4. Which form of the verb 'to ski' do you need to complete the sentence?
'There needs to be plenty of snow ______. Otherwise the competition be cancelled.'

a) to ski

b) skiing

c) ski

d) skied           

5. Which is the correct verb to use in this sentence? 
'Austria often wins the Alpine Ski event, which involves ______ down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings.'

a) slide

b) slid

c) sliding

d) to slide        

6. Which is the correct use of the verb 'to lose' in these sentences: 
The best Olympic competitors hate ______.

a) lose

b) losing

c) to lose

d) lost


1) a, 2) d, 3) b, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b.


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