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小测验 — 英语中区分性别的职业名称

小测验 — 英语中区分性别的职业名称

在汉语里,通常我们靠在一个职业名称前加“男”或“女”来区分做事人的性别,如:男技师、女医生、女警察等。但英语语言里没有规律的、通过词性或前后缀变化来区分职业性别的方式。有些职业名称中包含和性别有关的单词,如:postman 邮递员;policewoman 女警察等;也有些职业名称性别中立,职业名称本身并不区分男女,如:midwife 助产士”。通过做下面的测验,学习英语中常见的、区分性别的职业名称。

1. Which job title can apply to a man or a woman?

a) fireman

b) firefighter

c) fire person

d) all of the above     

2. What is the job title for a woman who manages a pub or bed and breakfast accommodation?

a) landlord

b) landowner

c) landlady

d) landperson

3. Which gender does the job known as a midwife?

a) only men

b) only women

c) men and women

d) neither – there is no such job title

4. Which is a gender-neutral job title for someone who serves food and drink and looks after your safety on an aeroplane?

a) stewardess

b) host

c) cabin person

d) flight attendant

5. Which is the unisex job title for a person who is in charge of a school?

a) headteacher

b) headperson

c) headmaster

d) all of the above

6. What title could you give to a woman who is in charge of a formal meeting?

a) chairwoman

b) chairperson

c) chair

d) all of the above


1) b, 2) c, 3) c, 4) d, 5) a, 6) d.


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