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小测验 — 描述少儿读物种类的英语词汇

小测验 — 描述少儿读物种类的英语词汇

国际儿童读物联盟(International Board on Books for Young People)把每年的四月二日定为“国际儿童图书日”。这一天也是著名童话作家安徒生的诞辰日。儿童读物的种类有很多,比如,童话、寓言、漫画等。你知道它们用英语怎么说吗?通过做下面的测验,来学习这些说法吧。

1. What do you call a traditional story written for children that usually involves imaginary creatures and magic?

a) a novel

b) a fairy tale

c) a nursery rhyme

d) a bedtime story          

2. What type of stories are Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory described as?

a) fiction

b) fantasy

c) make-believe

d) all of the above

3. What do you call a traditional story, usually about animals, that teaches a moral lesson?

a) a fable

b) a farce

c) a sequel

d) a fiction

4. What do we call a respected writer or illustrator of children's books who is given the responsibility of promoting and encouraging children's interest in literature and reading?

a) a children's author

b) a literature leader

c) a children's laureate

d) a bookworm

5. In Chinese we call it a 漫画 but in English it's a what?

a) picture book

b) comic

c) magazine

d) art book        

6. An old children's story such as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe can be described as what?

a) non-fiction

b) contemporary fiction

c) science fiction

d) none of the above


1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) d.


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