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小测验 — 用来“愚人”的词汇

小测验 — 用来“愚人”的词汇

在很多国家,每年的4月1日是用来“捉弄”家人和朋友的节日 — 愚人节 April Fool’s Day。在这一天,我们可能会对密友或家人“搞恶作剧 pull a prank”,开一些善意的玩笑。做小测验题,学习有关“欺骗”和“受骗”等词汇。

1. That’s not true! Stop __________ my leg!

a) stretching

b) holding

c) pulling

d) tickling  

2. What could you say if you didn’t believe what someone was trying to tell you?

a) I'm not tipping for that.

b) I'm not falling for that. 

c) I'm not rising for that.

d) I'm not sitting for that.

3. What could you say to someone who successfully played a trick on you?

a) You got me!

b) You struck me!

c) You failed me!

d) You hit me!

4. What’s the missing word in this expression, which means ‘to trick someone’? To pull the __________ over someone’s eyes.

a) wool

b) hat

c) hood

d) blindfold

5. Which phrasal verb completes this sentence, which means someone has believed something that wasn’t true? She was __________ the hoax.

a) taken out by

b) taken off by

c) taken through

d) taken in by

6. Which of these expressions means that you were tricked?

a) I was bumped. 

b) I was duped.

c) I was fitted. 

d) I was cranked.


1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) a, 5) d, 6) b.


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