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小测验 — 和“步行”有关的词汇

小测验 — 和“步行”有关的词汇


1. I never drive. I always prefer to go ______.

a) by legs

b) on foot

c) with toes

d) off car

2. A relaxing walk can be called ______.

a) a fast pace

b) a nice march

c) a leisurely stroll

d) a friendly banter

3. Despite the blizzard I still went to college. I had to ______ through a metre of snow.

a) trudge

b) wade

c) skip

d) ramble

4. Hurry up! Why do you always have to walk at such a ______?

a) tortoise's pace

b) worm's pace

c) snail's pace

d) snake's pace

5. If you have a painful injury to your foot or leg you might walk with ______.

a) a step

b) a limp

c) a jump

d) a skip

6. The pavement is not very even here. Be careful when walking that you don’t ______.

a) trip down

b) trip over

c) trip off

d) trip around


1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) b.


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