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小测验 — 莎士比亚创造的英语词汇

小测验 — 莎士比亚创造的英语词汇

英国著名剧作家莎士比亚的诞辰和忌日是每年的4月23日,联合国英文日(English Language Day)也被定在这一天。这位文豪创造了哪些被人沿袭至今的英语说法?通过做以下的《英语小测验》学习六个现代英语中由莎士比亚创造的词汇和表达。

1. Someone who is very good and who helps other people has a ______.

a) heart of silver

b) heart of metal

c) heart of diamond

d) heart of gold

2. Which phrase means that you like someone so much that you don’t see the bad things about them?

a) love is cruel

b) love is blind

c) love is free

d) love is forever

3. We use this phrase to describe people who don’t hide their emotions.

a) to wear your heart on your shirt

b) to wear your heart on your head

c) to wear your heart on your sleeve

d) to wear your heart on your chest

4. We can describe looking for something that can’t be found as a ______.

a) wild goose chase

b) angry chicken search

c) crazy duck seek

d) lazy swan pursuit

5. What phrase describes jealousy?

a) the red-eyed monster

b) the blue-eyed monster

c) the yellow-eyed monster

d) the green-eyed monster

6. When you meet people for the first time, talking about the weather is a good way ______.

a) to break the ice

b) to break the cold

c) to break the freeze

d) to break the snow


1) d, 2) b, 3) c, 4) a, 5) d 6) a


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