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英语小测验 — 谈论“家务”的词汇

英语小测验 — 谈论“家务”的词汇


1. My flatmate is very good. The dishwasher is broken so every night he does the ______.

a) washing down

b) washing over

c) washing up

d) washing on

2. I’m very lazy. In the morning I never ______.

a) do my bed

b) have my bed

c) arrange my bed

d) make my bed

3. The living room’s a mess. We really need to ______.

a) tidy up

b) sort up

c) arrange up

d) make up

4. All the little household jobs we find uninteresting can be called ______.

a) bores

b) works

c) chores

d) tediums

5. I don’t mind having shirts with creases because I hate ______ my clothes.

a) ironing

b) flattening

c) squashing

d) sorting

6. I can hardly see the TV screen! When was the last time you ______.

a) did the wiping

b) did the washing

c) did the dusting

d) did the clearing


1) c, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c.


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