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小测验 — 和“欢笑”有关的表达

小测验 — 和“欢笑”有关的表达

每年五月的第一个星期日被定为 “World Laugher Day 世界大笑日”。常言道 “欢笑是良药”。滑稽、幽默的笑话常令人忍俊不禁、开怀大笑。你擅长讲笑话吗?英语中常用的和 “笑话” 有关的表达你知道几个?来笑着做下面的六道题。

1. The most important part of a funny story is the bit at the end, the ______.

a) funnyline

b) laughterline

c) punchline

d) jokeline

2. I’m terrible at ______ jokes.

a) speaking

b) talking

c) telling

d) saying

3. I’m feeling a bit unhappy. Have you got a joke to ______?

a) happy me up

b) sad me down

c) set me up

d) cheer me up

4. Laughter is sometimes described as ______.

a) the best cure

b) the best medicine

c) the best treatment

d) the best remedy

5. He told a joke that was so funny I nearly ______.

a) laughed my head off

b) laughed my eyes out

c) laughed my legs off

d) laughed my ears out

6. In text-speak, what does ROTFL mean?

a) running over the floor laughing

b) rushing on the feet laughing

c) rolling on the floor laughing

d) reaching over the fence laughing


1) c, 2) c, 3) d, 4) b, 5) a, 6) c.


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