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小测验 — 与 “mother” 相关的常用英语表达

小测验 — 与 “mother” 相关的常用英语表达

很多国家都在五月的第二个星期日庆祝母亲节,以表达对母亲的爱和感恩。在英语里有一些带有单词 “mother” 或 “mum” 的常用表达,它们大多与 “母亲” 的含义相关,但也有例外。做《英语小测验》,测试你对这些英语表达的掌握程度。

1. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret! OK, ______.

a) mum’s the word

b) mum’s the phrase

c) mum’s the sentence

d) mum’s the book

2. It’s a really big secret, so yes, you must ______.

a) hold mum

b) hug mum

c) keep mum

d) grab mum

3. Which one of these phrases is an expression for your native language?

a) mother voice

b) mother speech

c) mother talk

d) mother tongue

4. There was thunder, lightning and hail like I’ve never seen before. It was ______ storms.

a) the mother of all

b) the mother in all

c) the mother off all

d) the mother about all     

5. Needing something urgently often encourages imaginative thinking. Which phrase has this meaning?

a) necessity is the mother of creation

b) necessity is the mother of invention

c) necessity is the mother of solution

d) necessity is the mother of answers

6. I love walking in the countryside - the fresh air on my face, the trees, the birds... there's nothing better than Mother ______.

a) Organic

b) Forest

c) Countryside

d) Nature         


1) a, 2) c, 3) d, 4) a, 5) b, 6) d.


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