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小测验 — 与手机有关的常用词汇

小测验 — 与手机有关的常用词汇


1. How can you describe a piece of technology that is designed to be carried with you?

a) a movable device

b) a holdable device

c) a liftable device

d) a portable device

2. What word describes a small, clever electronic or mechanical device?

a) A spigot

b) a gadget

c) a magnet

d) a bracket

3. My phone is dead. Has anyone got a ______?

a) charger

b) lighter

c) juicer

d) plugger

4. I can’t use my mobile phone everywhere. In some places the ______ is too weak.

a) power

b) force

c) signal

d) radio              

5. Photos you took of yourself used to be called self-portraits. What do we usually call them now?

a) selfpics

b) mepics

c) mypics

d) selfies            

6. In British English they are called ‘mobiles’. What are they commonly called in US English?

a) flip phones

b) carry phones

c) cell phones

d) pocket phones


1) d, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) d, 6) c.



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