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小测验 — 和“猫”有关的词汇

小测验 — 和“猫”有关的词汇

你听说过 “抱猫日” 吗?这是近年来随着互联网的发展,流行起来的的一个节日。很多人会在这个节日与好友通过社交网络分享自己的 “抱猫照”。不论你是否喜欢猫咪,通过做本集《英语小测验》的题目,你将学到如何用英语说 “小猫、非品种猫、猫的胡须和猫爪”。

1. What are baby cats called?

a) chicks

b) puppies

c) kittens

d) catlets            

2. An ordinary cat which does not have a pedigree can be called ______.

a) A moggy

b) A stray

c) A feral cat

d) A thoroughbred

3. When cats are content, they ______.

a) growl

b) bark

c) purr

d) miaow

4. Cats have special long hairs on their faces that help them sense the world around them. These hairs are called ______.

a) fur

b) whiskers

c) beards

d) stubble

5. A cat’s feet are its ______.

a) pads

b) toes

c) paws

d) claws   

6. According to the saying, what is it that cats have?

a) two hearts

b) ten toes

c) five feet

d) nine lives


1) c, 2) a, 3) c, 4) b, 5) c, 6) d.


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