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小测验 — 与“海洋”相关的表达

小测验 — 与“海洋”相关的表达

每年的六月八日为 “世界海洋日”。地球表面大约有70%的面积被水覆盖,其中海水占96%。你知道 “洋流、冰山、海浪” 用英语怎么说吗?通过做下面的《英语小测验》学习与跟海洋有关的词汇。

1. The movement of water in an ocean in a particular direction is called a(n) ______.

a) current

b) estuary

c) inlet

d) cyclone             

2. Which one of these is NOT the name for a storm over an ocean?

a) a hurricane

b) a tornado

c) a typhoon

d) a cyclone     

3. What is the land along the edge of an ocean called?

a) the island

b) a reef

c) an archipelago

d) the shore    

4. Big blocks of frozen water floating in the ocean are called ______.

a) icecubes

b) icicles

c) icebergs

d) icehouses

5. Which phrase describes the regular daily movement of water when the sea goes away from the land?

a) the water is going out

b) the tide is going out

c) the sea is getting lower

d) the ocean is sinking

6. Lines of raised water in the ocean are called ______.

a) waves

b) peaks

c) water spouts

d) whirlpools


1) a, 2) b, 3) d, 4) c, 5) b, 6) a.


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