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小测验 — 与“跑步”相关的表达

小测验 — 与“跑步”相关的表达


1. A running race of 26.2 miles (42.2 km) is called a(n) ______.

a) Iron man

b) biathlon

c) sprint

d) marathon 

2. To run very quickly for a short distance is to ______.

a) trot

b) amble

c) wander

d) sprint     

3. Someone who runs at a gentle speed regularly to keep fit is ______.

a) a jogger

b) a plodder

c) a hopper

d) a sprinter        

4. Every morning I ______ for a run.

a) go

b) make

c) do

d) have   

5. If you can’t run outside, you can run indoors on a machine called a(n) ______.

a) auto-runner

b) treadmill

c) rolling road

d) gym-roller

6. To run at the same speed for a period of time is to run ______.

a) at a steady pace

b) by a regular pace

c) in a usual pace

d) with regular paces


1) d, 2) d, 3) a, 4) a, 5) b, 6) a.


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