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Hillary pushes green message online

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday reached out to the world's largest Internet community to push forward her agenda of combating climate change.

For Clinton, achieving the green goals of lower emissions and cleaner energy that have been set at the highest levels of government also boil down to the personal choice of each and every individual, including those in her own family.

"We try to change our mental attitude. Turning off appliances, turning off lights. My late father grew up with the belief that you didn't waste things like electricity. We would turn off the furnace at night. We would turn off all the lights when we left the room," Clinton, 61, told Tsinghua University's public policy institute director Qi Ye, who hosted the chat organized by China Daily's website at the US embassy.

The former US first lady had set fighting global warming as one of her top priorities for her visit to Beijing.

Apart from visiting a clean-energy thermal power plant with Todd Stern, US special envoy for climate change, Clinton also went to a church and met a women's group during her 40-hour stay here.

During the visit to the thermal plant on Saturday, Clinton had highlighted the importance of the China-US partnership in battling global warming and expressed hope that China would not "make the same mistake" as the US when growth came at the cost of the environment. It was a message she reiterated during the web chat yesterday.

"I confess we got a little bit less aware. And I think most Americans did. And we weren't paying attention. We had so many appliances plugged into the wall, draining electricity all the time. And we walked out of the room with all the lights on. Our big buildings would be lit all night long. We wasted a lot of energy, we wasted a lot of money," Clinton said.

"We can't do that. So being more efficient will take us a long way toward what we need to achieve," she said.

"We just don't want you to make the same mistakes we made. So that instead of just building more coal-fired power plants which may be slightly more efficient but are still large emitters, how should we work together so that you get your energy needs met without putting more absolute greenhouse gas emissions into the air?" she said.

Asked by Qi to elaborate on the environmental cooperation agreed upon by China and the US on Saturday, Clinton said the two countries would enter a "strategic and economic dialogue" focusing on clean energy and climate change.

"We wish to create a series of actions and partnerships between our countries. We hope that there would be many opportunities for partnerships between American companies and Chinese companies to produce cleaner energy," she said.

Clinton yesterday also cited the latest steps taken under US President Barack Obama's administration that would help this joint effort to combat climate change.

"I think a great deal is possible. Our challenge now is to make it politically and personally possible. And that is what President Obama is committed to doing," Clinton said.

It was a challenge that included the growing voice of the Internet as Clinton also helped pen out a message to the 300-million strong Chinese online community at the end of the chat: "Let's work together for a clean energy future."

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Hillary pushes green message online

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Hillary pushes green message online

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