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College grads flocking to military

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A record number of recent college graduates are considering careers in the Chinese military, and officials are happy to oblige, by opening up more than 120,000 spots for them.

Yesterday, the army completed a two-month pre-recruitment campaign for recent college graduates.

Applications in some areas have dramatically outnumbered those of previous years, but officials know that some will drop out of the military before November, the deadline for enrollment.

The government's directive allows graduates to terminate contracts with the army if they find another job.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) created an unprecedented number of spots for the country's 6.1 million college graduates this summer in the wake of a tight job market and an economic slowdown.

To attract young men and women, the military and the government have worked out a 2.88 billion yuan financial package, in which graduates receive a one-time compensation of 24,000 yuan to cover his or her college tuition fees and student loans.

The incentives seem to have worked, recruitment officials said.

Chen Jianan, director of the armed forces office at Beijing University of Technology, found that applications shot up 20 times more than last summer to more than 100.

"But the army is still just an alternative for them. It's unpredictable to see how many will stick to the army by the end," he said.

The Chinese military has raised the bar for new army recruits in recent years, narrowing the chances for those who have a less education. At minimum, a high school diploma is a necessary for army recruits in most regions in China since last year.

Women were excluded from the pre-recruitment campaign, but will be allowed to register in the official recruitment later this year.


1. How many new spots have been created by The People's Liberation Army for recent college graduates?

2. When is the deadline for enrollment with the Chinese military?

3. How big is the one-time compensation to cover college tuition fees and loans graduates would receive if they join the military?


1. More than 120,000.

2. November.

3. 24,000 yuan.

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College grads flocking to military

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College grads flocking to military

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