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Jackson fans will get money back

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More than 750,000 Michael Jackson fans can get full refunds for the pop star's canceled 50-night concert extravaganza. Fans can also opt to receive souvenir tickets instead, promoters announced Monday.

Jackson's fans from around the world had rushed to snap up tickets for the performances, which were due to start on July 13. British media reports said about $83 million had been spent on tickets.

In a move that could help recoup some of its losses from the ill-fated tour, Los Angeles-based AEG Live said fans could choose to receive the actual tickets. The tickets feature graphics "inspired and designed" by Jackson himself.

Images of the tickets, complete with a 3-D effect, can be viewed on the website www.MichaelJacksonLive.com beginning today, AEG said in a statement.

Fans have until August 14 to take the ticket offer.

Much of the company's ability to weather the financial storm caused by Jackson's demise may depend on how much of its losses are covered by insurance.

And that will be determined in part by what the Los Angeles County coroner's office finally determines as the cause of the mega-star's death.

Officials have warned it will be up to six weeks before a cause of death can be pinpointed because complicated toxicology tests are needed.

While these issues are being worked out, eBay executives extended a buyer protection program to cover anyone who bought a ticket through the company's website.


1. How much in total was spent on Michael Jackson concert tickets?

2. What special effect do the tickets have?

3. What county coroner’s office is determining the cause of Jackson’s death?


1. $83 million.

2. A 3-D effect.

3. Los Angeles.

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Jackson fans will get money back

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Jackson fans will get money back

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