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Model fights for fair Gabon elections

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She's the face of L'Oreal and has sashayed down the runway for top designers like Emanuel Ungaro. Now model Gloria Mika is leading a movement for fair elections in her native Gabon.

The 29-year-old cover girl born to a Greek mother and Gabonese father has spent the last few weeks on the phone, writing e-mails and responding to enquiries on her "Guardian Angels for Gabon" blog.

Mika, who stands a statuesque 1.88 meters, left Gabon when she was 16, when Omar Bongo was already in power for two decades and showed no signs of leaving.

Africa's longest serving leader, Bongo died in June after more than four decades in office and Gabon is set to choose his successor on August 30. Many see Bongo's son, Ali, as the anointed leader.

"Some people are convinced that the election has already been decided," Mika said. "I say this can't be. We are supposed to be living in a democratic country, not a monarchy."

So far, she has recruited about 30 volunteers who, moved by her appeals, are willing to be out on watch on voting day. And a Gabonese NGO has contacted her about possibly providing some 3,000 "Guardian Angels".

Mika hopes her profile as a model will help her campaign.

"It's an asset that I am using in the interests of my compatriots," she said.


1. What designer has Mika modeled for?

2. What is the name of Mika’s blog?

3. Who is poised to be Omar Bongo’s successor?


1. Emanuel Ungaro.

2. "Guardian Angels for Gabon".

3. Bongo’s son Ali.

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Model fights for fair Gabon elections

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Model fights for fair Gabon elections

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