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Flights grounded at Beijing airport during parade

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The Beijing capital airport will shut down for three hours starting from 9:30 am on Oct 1 for the National Day parade, affecting some 180 flights and thousands of passengers.

The capital airport is the busiest airport in the country, with at least 1,000 flights taking off or landing per day, or at least one flight every minute.

A spokesman for the Beijing Capital International Airport said yesterday that it will close its three runways starting from 9 am, and restart runway lights and navigations systems at noon.

An Air China spokeswoman said that all its domestic flights to and from Beijing during the three hours have been cancelled, but all its international flights will be rescheduled to other times in the day.

"We will rearrange planes to guarantee enough transport capacity and reduce troubles for passengers as much as we can," she said.

She declined to disclose how many Air China flights will be affected.

Air China is based at the capital airport, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the operations in the airport's largest terminal building.

China Southern, another major airline based in Guangzhou, said at least 40 of their flights will be affected.

"But only very few passengers will be affected, as tickets for affected flights stopped sales quite early," a China Southern spokesman said.

Similar restrictions were adopted on the opening night of the Olympic Games last year, as more than 300 flights were cancelled or postponed from 7 pm to midnight.

"It is wiser to simply travel at another time. I want to sit in front of the TV and watch the live broadcast of the parade that morning anyway," Beijinger Wang Yingchao said. She planned a trip to Hainan province during Golden Week and now has decided to leave on Oct 3.

Meanwhile, Beijing will see large-scale traffic control on Oct 1 to make way for the National Day parade, officials said.

Since more than 200,000 people and 8,000 vehicles will descend on Tian'anmen Square from all corners of the city for the parade that day, traffic on main streets and ring roads in downtown Beijing will be affected, said Shao Jie, head of the Beijing's traffic command center.

Some 7,000 traffic police will be dispatched onto the streets that day from the wee hours until midnight, he said.

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Flights grounded at Beijing airport during parade

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Flights grounded at Beijing airport during parade

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