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Jeans fetch Japan’s first lady honor

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Japan’s first lady Miyuki Hatoyama, who has made headlines with tales of her alien encounters, drew fresh media attention yesterday—for being a fashion ambassador for humble blue jeans.

The 66-year-old wife of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama won the oddly named “Best Jeanist Award”—a prize given to denim-clad celebrities, together with musicians and artists.

Miyuki “is wearing jeans in a classy but revolutionary style”, industry group Japan Jeans Association said, adding that the television lifestyle guru projects a positive spirit representing true denim style.

Miyuki said she and her husband were wearing blue jeans when they first met in California while he was studying at Stanford University,

“This is the prize I have long wished to win,” Hatoyama, wearing traditional blue jeans, told a news conference. “I’m a jeans lover. I’m always putting on jeans as they’re easy to wear.”

Miyuki has previously said her soul once traveled to Venus on a triangular-shaped UFO, in a book published last year. Dubbed “Mrs Occult” by Time magazine, her colorful remarks have made headlines as far as Israel, Britain and the United States.

Japanese pop star Koda Kumi, popular at home and across Asia, was awarded the general competition prize.


1. Why does Miyuki Hatoyama love putting on jeans?

2. Where did Hatoyama meet her husband?

3. Where did Hatoyama say her soul once traveled?


1. Because they’re easy to wear.

2. In California.

3. Venus.

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Jeans fetch Japan’s first lady honor

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Jeans fetch Japan’s first lady honor

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