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Milan confirm Beckham's return to team

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ROME: AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani on Monday confirmed former England captain David Beckham would again join the club in the January transfer window.

Los Angeles Galaxy player Beckham arrived at the Serie A club on a similar deal earlier this year, playing out the second half of the season at the San Siro before returning to the United States.

And Galliani has claimed it is 100 percent sure the former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder will be back.

"I've never spoken about buying players in January. I've read several newspapers that have written that but I never said it," Galliani said.

"However, someone will arrive in January, a great boost for our midfield. He's an English player, his first name is David, you can try to guess what his surname is.

"It's practically certain, the only thing missing is the signatures but the agreement is complete.

"If you're thinking about David Beckham then it's him, anyone else, absolutely not.

"One great player will join, his first name is David, his surname is Beckham Only he will be joining, I can assure you of that."

During last season's stint at Milan, Beckham played 18 league matches and scored twice.

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Milan confirm Beckham's return to team

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Milan confirm Beckham's return to team

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