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Heat follows first snowfall

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Beijing's heating was switched on two weeks early yesterday, as the city's residents shivered from the first snowfall of the season.

As temperatures plunged to 4 C, the urban administration commission said last night that it brought forward the November 15 date that central heating is switched on in housing and public buildings.

It came as snow fell on the capital on the earliest winter date in 22 years. Forecasters said that it began with sleet at about 2 am and was then followed by heavy snow from about 5 am.

Early yesterday, authorities said the central heating would not be switched on earlier that the November 15 date, and officials would wait to see if temperatures remained cooler.

Yu Baoyuan, an official of Beijing heat supply association told METRO: "We've already provided heat to some important organizations in Beijing, like hospitals, schools and universities. All the preparations are done and we're ready. Once we are informed by the upper level administration, we can provide heat right away."

Beijing heating season usually starts from Nov 15 and ends on March 15.

Na Ying, a college student from Thailand, said she bought her first electric blanket at Ito Yokado shopping mall near Yayuncun yesterday.

"It's my third year in Beijing. The first snow in this winter is very heavy compared with the last two winters. I can't stand the freezing weather and I have to buy myself something to survive the cold days," Na said.

Wang Bin, a salesman at the department store told METRO that the sale of electric blankets were up 30 percent yesterday.

"People usually buy them before the coming of heat supply and our customers are mostly elderly people," he said.

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Heat follows first snowfall

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Heat follows first snowfall

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