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Center bans Nazi matchboxes

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A Beijing store has been criticized over its sale of matchboxes with images celebrating Nazi Germany.

Dozens of customers complained last week about the matchboxes that feature various images from Germany during World War II, including Adolf Hitler and the Nazi swastika.

They are no longer on sale at Match Paradise, in the Maples International Shopping Center.

The Maples International Shopping Center director, who did not want to be named, said he had ordered the matchboxes be removed from store shelves.

"We asked the store to stop selling them on Monday," he said.

However, a Match Paradise salesperson said the matchboxes were unavailable because they were sold out, not due to pressure from the shopping center.

"Some customers left their contact information and asked me call them once we have new ones," said the salesperson.

Qiu Baochang, a Beijing lawyer, said the matchboxes were in violation of China's advertising regulations.

"Images like Nazi logos belong to the category of negative information, which cannot be used to promote products, according to the advertising law of China and relevant regulations."

Other matchbox sellers approached by METRO said they would not sell the controversial products because it was sensitive.

"We usually sell those matches with traditional Chinese images or funny cartoons. Customers love to buy and collect them," one seller said.

But a salesperson surnamed Li at Match World in Houhai said he did not sell the matches because he could not see a market for them.

"Businessmen are always profit oriented. I will consider selling them as long as they are popular," Li said.


1. What are two of the images that appear on the matchboxes?

2. Where is Match Paradise located?

3. Why are the matchboxes in violation of China’s advertising regulations, according to Qiu Baochang?


1. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi swastika.

2. In the Maples International Shopping Center.

3. Because images like Nazi logos belong to the category of negative information, which cannot be used to promote products.

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Center bans Nazi matchboxes

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Center bans Nazi matchboxes

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