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Obama served up world-class luxuries during first visit

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Barack Obama, the first African-American president in US history, was treated to a diverse blend of culture in his first trip to China after taking office in 2009.

Caterers for the global icon said the president had sat on a $10,000 sofa made from African mohair, practiced his basketball skills in the hotel gym and ate dim sum at a glorious Turkish dining table.

Yngvar Stray, who recently took over as general manager at the St. Regis Hotel in the heart of the capital's embassy area, said the hotel was a perfect choice for the West Wing.

"There are elements which seem timeless despite the change of trends and fashion," said the veteran hotelier in an interview just after Obama left Beijing.

"We are sought after by world leaders who look for an infrastructure that meets the sophistications of their needs."

Obama's suite in Beijing was located on the top floor of the 19-storey building.

It boasts a living room, studio, dining hall, dressing room, bedroom, restroom with a massage tub and a panorama view of the diplomatic areas in east Beijing.

"Every item in Suite 1908 is unique and can't be found elsewhere in the world," said Donna Dong, the hotel's marketing communications director.

"They are all tailor-made."

"For VIPs, you usually don't need to make many changes for them," said the hotel's food and beverage director Oscar Martinez.

"Instead, you present your options and let them choose."

Stray also had the opportunity to host President Hu Jintao's administration during his visit to Singapore for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting.


1. What did Obama eat at a Turkish dining table?

2. What sport did Obama play at the hotel?

3. Where was Obama’s suite located at the St. Regis hotel?


1. Dim sum.

2. Basketball.

3. On the top floor.


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Obama served up world-class luxuries during first visit

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Obama served up world-class luxuries during first visit

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