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Man stabs himself outside CCTV building

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A migrant worker, who stabbed himself in front of the China Central Television (CCTV) on Sunday in order to draw attention to his article on anti-corruption, will be able to leave hospital in 10 days, a doctor said yesterday.

Hu Jiquan, from Yichun, Jiangxi province but worked in Guangdong, claimed to be a TV reporter for Jiangxi TV Station and tried to show a CCTV host his 12-page article titled Modern Mencius Study - The Strategy of Anti-corruption, the Beijing News reported yesterday.

Hu stabbed himself with a fruit knife after he showed his ID and was refused entry into the east gate of CCTV compound at 11 am on Sunday.

The knife remained in his body when local police and medical staff arrived on the scene, the newspaper said.

"He only stabbed himself once but some of his guts had fallen out through the incision by the time he arrived in hospital at 1 pm Sunday," director of trauma department of the Water Conservancy Hospital surnamed Ni told METRO yesterday.

"He is about 35 years old, and a train ticket from Guangzhou to Beijing west station was found in his pocket."

Ni said Hu's situation is stable and the operation on his abdomen was successful. If there is no inflammation reported this week, he will be able to leave the hospital in 10 days. Hu's family has not yet arrived in Beijing.

Ni predicted Hu's medical fee would be no less than 20,000 yuan for the 10 days, but Hu has only paid 5,050 yuan at this stage.

Hu was in the intensive care unit and was not available to be interviewed yesterday.

The armed police and the plain-clothes police, who were on duty at the east gate of CCTV compound yesterday, refused to describe Sunday's accident but said the local police have taken over the case. Beijing police refused to discuss any details on Hu's investigation yesterday either.


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Man stabs himself outside CCTV building

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Man stabs himself outside CCTV building

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