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Oh, to be young (and a gorilla) in London

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Ooh la la! A frisky French gorilla on the prowl in Britain has been turning on the Gallic charm full blast, London Zoo officials said this week.

Yeboah, a 12-year-old stud, was given pictures of the zoo's three more experienced female gorillas in advance and was left under no illusions: It's time to be a man.

Three female gorillas were left bereft after their silverback mate Bobby died in December 2008.

But they have barely been able to leave Yeboah alone since the 127-kilogram beast stomped into town from a zoo in western France shortly before Christmas last year.

"Yeboah's a very charming gorilla and is having to quickly turn from a boy into a man now he's met our more experienced female gorillas," said zookeeper Daniel Simmonds.

In the next few months, visitors will be able to watch Yeboah transform from a blackback into a silverback gorilla as he learns to dominate his new group.

Blackbacks are sexually mature adults up to 11 years old, but then turn into silverbacks when a patch of silver hair appears on their backs around the age of 12 and they become a dominant group leader.


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Oh, to be young (and a gorilla) in London

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Oh, to be young (and a gorilla) in London

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