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Relocation trauma could be reduced

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Following a year in which forced relocation became one of the biggest talking points in the country, all eyes are on how the nation's top legislators and policy advisers react this week to proposed changes in the law that could finally curb the controversial practice.

The new regulation is a potential game-changer. Instead of developers having the advantage when it comes to demolishing homes in urban areas, analysts say the law will reinforce residents' rights.

The move is aimed at preventing ugly standoffs between homeowners and demolition crews, many of which hit the headlines in 2009.

Although final approval is yet to come from the State Council, analysts predict that the response the move receives at the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) could be critical to how quickly the changes come.

Opinion on the proposed revision to the Regulation on Property Requisition is divided. Legal experts hail it as an important shift in the government's attitude to forced relocation, property firms claim it will drive up real estate prices.

Under the existing law, companies only need a relocation permit from a city, county or district housing department to demolish properties after obtaining the land. The regulations conflict with the principles of the Constitution that protect individual rights.

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Relocation trauma could be reduced

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Relocation trauma could be reduced

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