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Spring snow blankets North China

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Unexpected snow blanketed North China on the weekend, causing havoc for road traffic, delaying airline flights and surprising people who believed spring had finally arrived.

In Beijing, the 10th snowfall since November dropped 4 to 10 centimeters of snow on most parts of the capital by 11 am, the Beijing municipal observatory said.

It came as a surprise to many Beijingers, who enjoyed the first rays of spring on Friday, when the temperature rose above 10 C.

A spokesman with the Beijing Capital International Airport said that by 6 pm on Sunday, 143 flights had been delayed and 178 flights cancelled because of the bad weather.

"The departure of delegates from the full session of China's top legislature on Sunday has added pressure at the airport," he said.

Meanwhile, the snowstorm caused traffic jams and long delays on the city's roads.

The cold snap also brought snow and chilly temperatures to other parts of the country.

The national meteorological center forecast that the cold snap would bring more rain to northeastern, central and eastern China on Monday.

Meanwhile, sun has been forecast for Beijing this week, bringing warmer temperatures back to the capital.

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Spring snow blankets North China

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Spring snow blankets North China

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