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13 tigers die in 3 months

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An investigation has been launched into the deaths of 13 Siberian tigers in the past three months at a zoo in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Now experts are worried about the fate of the remaining animals.

"I'm afraid that the tigers will die one after another because of malnutrition and cold weather. If we don't help these poor animals as soon as possible, we will lose the best time to save them," said Hua Ning, project director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare China.

The Shenyang city government has allocated 5 million yuan ($732,000) for rescuing the remaining animals and another 2 million yuan for resuming the Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo's normal operation, Zhang Jinghui, spokesman of the city government, said at a press conference on Sunday.

The situation at the zoo was exacerbated on March 9 when workers went on strike over back pay.

"We haven't been paid for 18 months. We love animals, but we can't make a living," a breeder named Zhao told China Daily.

The zoo has had to use office workers to feed the animals.

After checking the condition of the remaining tigers, Zhang Xiwu, a director-general with the State Forestry Administration, said the tigers are doing well. They will invite experts to create a proper diet for the tigers to ensure their well-being.

Eleven tigers died at the zoo between Nov 11 and Feb 27.

According to Wu Xi, a deputy head of the zoo, the 11 tigers died of diseases such as renal failure and heart failure in the past three months, and two others were shot dead in November when they attacked a zookeeper.


1 How many tigers died in a Shenyang zoo?

2 How did the tigers die?

3 Where is Shenyang?


1. 13 in the past 3 months.

2. Disease and malnutrition; 2 shot after attacking zookeeper.

3. In northeast China's Liaoning province.


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13 tigers die in 3 months

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13 tigers die in 3 months

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