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Magic smothers Duncan to beat the Spurs

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In Orlando, Florida, Tim Duncan sat stiff and stared aimlessly on the bench watching his San Antonio Spurs get blown away in the final minutes.

His movement wasn't much better on the court. The NBA’s Orlando Magic made sure of that.

Vince Carter had 24 points and eight assists and the Magic smothered Duncan to beat San Antonio 110-84 on Wednesday night.

Duncan had five points and was 1 for 10 from the field in the worst shooting percentage game of his career, a big reason the Spurs lost for only the second time in their past 10 games.

Duncan's previous low was a 1-for-8 night against Minnesota on April 20, 2005, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

"Just a bad night," Duncan said.

“Everybody will have a bad game,” said Magic backup center Marcin Gortat. “He's still a great player. We just played better."

Orlando moved four games ahead of Atlanta and Boston for second in the Eastern Conference but is still six games behind Cleveland in NBA action.


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Magic smothers Duncan to beat the Spurs

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Magic smothers Duncan to beat the Spurs

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