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Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

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German auto giant Mercedes-Benz will cross new boundaries in China on Friday as it brings a lineup of 38 models from Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, smart and AMG to Auto China - including three world premieres, three Asia debuts, and one China first.

Ulrich Walker, Chairman & CEO for Daimler Northeast Asia, says this display at Auto China will perfectly demonstrate the automaker's commitment to the market.

In fact, the three-pointed star will be setting a new record at the show as it occupies a 2700sqm booth - its largest ever at Auto China. Visitors will be engaged by an eye-catching two-floor display, incorporating distinctly Chinese elements.

Audiences will be treated to three world premieres, including the all-new Long-wheel-base E-Class and the high-luxury new generation Maybach.

The three Asia debuts will include the F 800 Style, SLS AMG, and E-Class Cabriolet. Finally, making its first appearance in China will be the C-Class Estate.

All of these vehicles will reflect the automaker's theme of "fascination, responsibility and perfection".

Beyond these model displays, surprise performances by several international celebrities are rumored to be in store - thus bringing an even higher level of excitement and glamour to an already luxurious show.

The new Long-wheel-base E-Class, made specifically for the China market, reflects the automaker's commitment to the habits and needs of the Chinese market. Additionally, enhanced safety equipment, vehicle configurations, and suspension systems have all been specially adjusted.

Moreover, the Long-wheel-base model incorporates advanced eco-friendly technology that solidifies Mercedes-Benz's position as an environmental leader.

Having already graced Detroit with its widely celebrated world premiere, the eagerly anticipated Asia debut of the new E-Class Cabriolet will be realized this week.

With this vehicle, Mercedes-Benz will again prove its leadership in cutting-edge technology with the world's first AIRCAP automatic draught-stop, which allows the driver and passengers to reduce turbulence and interior noise level with the touch of a button. Another advanced feature that makes open-top driving a highly pleasurable experience year-round is the upgraded AIRSCARF neck-level heating system, allowing the driver and front passenger to enjoy warm necks regardless of their size.

Another vehicle prepared to shine at Auto China will be the new C-Class Estate, which will witness its China premiere - this model positions Mercedes-Benz as the first automaker to introduce a luxury station wagon to the country.

Mercedes-Benz has always been dedicated to reconciling responsibility for the environment with luxury. The new F 800 Style not only achieves this, but also provides traditional Mercedes strengths in design, safety, comfort, and performance.

Expertly blending power and fuel efficiency, the F 800 Style demonstrates the future of eco-friendly technology that never compromises luxury or performance.

Thus, the theme of "Fascination, Responsibility and Perfection" is most fitting for Mercedes-Benz throughout this exhibition as it shows off its top models. The stunning show of 38 exciting vehicles is set to dazzle the China market.


1. How many models will Mercedes-Benz bring to Auto China?

2. What is the automaker’s theme for the show?

3. Which model will make its China debut?


1. A lineup of 38 models, including three world premieres, three Asia debuts, and one China first.

2. "Ffascination, responsibility and perfection".

3. The new C-Class Estate, a luxury station wagon.


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Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

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Mercedes-Benz ready with range of premieres

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