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Number of participants at 2010 Expo hits record

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The Shanghai 2010 World Expo has attracted a record 246 participants, organizers said on Wednesday.

A total of 189 nations and 57 international organizations will attend the 184-day cultural gala.

The Expo, which runs from May 1 to Oct 31, will showcase the concept of "Better City, Better Life" in pavilions from almost every country, as well as from many international organizations, cities and big corporations.

It will be a landmark occasion for Shanghai, giving China's financial hub a chance to show off its modern skyscrapers and elegant shopping boulevards.

Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales is secretary-general of the Bureau of International Expositions, the governing body of World Expos. He said the Shanghai event has overcome the challenges posed by the global economic downturn.

The number of participants has exceeded original plans, he said, and added that organizers and participants have staged a splendid show.

After several trial runs last week, organizers said they found better ways to control human traffic. During the Expo's soft opening on April 20, surging crowds caused the temporary closure of several pavilions and paralyzed the security checking system.


1. How many nations and how many international organizations will participate at the 2010 World Expo?

2. The Expo begins May 1. What day does it end?

3. What happened when too many people showed up at the Expo’s soft opening on April 20?


1. 189 nations and 57 international organizations.

2. Oct 31.

3. Several pavilions had to be temporarily closed because there were so many people, and authorities said the security checking system was paralyzed.


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Number of participants at 2010 Expo hits record

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Number of participants at 2010 Expo hits record

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