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Loonies call for vote that makes sense

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Their ideas include proposals like 99-pence coins for use in shoe shops. Their candidates have daft names like R.U. Seerious.

In London, the Official Monster Raving Loony Party is the only non-mainstream party to be fondly regarded by all voters. They are fielding 45 candidates across Britain in today’s election.

Their manifesto was launched in a pub in east London this week. It calls for buildings to be fitted with air conditioning units facing outwards to combat global warming. They are also demanding that all politicians be permanently painted the color of the party they represent.

The party is particularly proud of its new transport policy. At its hub is a plan to encourage floating bicycles to be driven across the Thames River to reduce traffic congestion.

The odd campaign platform was announced by Nigel Knapp, who calls himself the Loonies' Shadow Minister for Big Fibs and Blatant Lies.

"The Monster Raving Loony Party exists because we're not politicians at all, we're just loonies,” Knapp said. “We're people like you who go to the pub and drink beer and have a bit of a laugh.”

And yes, this political party also calls for free ice cream all around.


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Loonies call for vote that makes sense

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Loonies call for vote that makes sense

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