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DPRK claims nuke fusion

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Pyongyang said on Wednesday it has successfully produced a nuclear fusion reaction - a claim doubted by many - while Chinese experts believe the political significance of the announcement far outweighs its scientific value.

Rodong Sinmum, the official newspaper of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), said the technology is for "obtaining safe and environment-friendly new energy".

"The successful nuclear fusion marks a great event that demonstrates the rapidly developing cutting-edge science and technology," it said.

The paper also said the success coincided with the birthday of Kim Il-sung, the DPRK's late founder, on April 15.

Laboratory demonstrations of nuclear fusion reactions are not new but if carried out in real fields - something the world's scientists are still striving for - it could provide a tremendous supply of clean energy and leave little radioactive residue.

"In terms of science and the military, the news doesn't have much value because it can't be verified," said Zhang Liangui, an expert on Korean affairs at the Party School of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China in Beijing.

Zhang said in light of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference that is taking place in New York and the visit of DPRK leader Kim Jong-il to China, Pyongyang wants to show the world its ambition to be a nuclear power.

"Despite what China really thinks, the world now thinks it's behind its neighbor. But to announce the nuclear success - not before but rather after Kim's visit to China - has shown that the DPRK is not softening at all," Zhang said.


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DPRK claims nuke fusion

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DPRK claims nuke fusion

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