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US presents online tour for those unable to visit

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The USA Pavilion at Expo 2010 has launched a virtual tour at http://pavilion.expo.cn, which gives global audiences a glimpse of the pavilion and the exhibits that have already delighted more than a million guests.

"World fairs are about creating enduring ties, and Expo 2010 is building a stronger relationship between the United States and China. This virtual tour will enable us to share those positive energies with those who are unable to visit the pavilion in person," said US Commissioner General Jos H. Villarreal.

Expo 2010 Shanghai is the first world fair to host an online platform that allows viewers to see something of all of the pavilions. While not intended to be a substitute for the real experience, the US virtual tour doubles as a preview of what is to come for those traveling to China and a recap of the US presence for visitors half a world away.

Moreover, from the US site, visitors have the opportunity to virtually tour any of the other pavilions that are available.

Upon entering the site, visitors are "greeted" by a virtual Student Ambassador, representing the 168 Student Ambassadors who have become a favorite of guests visiting the actual pavilion. From there, visitors are free to examine the sights and sounds of the pavilion on their own.


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US presents online tour for those unable to visit

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US presents online tour for those unable to visit

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