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Combat mission in Iraq to end this month

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US President Barack Obama vowed on Monday to make good on his promise to end US combat operations in Iraq by the end of August, despite a dangerous political deadlock in Baghdad and a surge in militant violence last month.

Speaking to the Disabled American Veterans group in Atlanta even as he struggles with waning support for the war in Afghanistan, Obama sought to underscore progress in winding down the US role in the unpopular Iraq war.

With congressional elections looming in November, it was a reminder to liberal Democrats whose opposition to the Iraq war helped sweep him into office that he was determined to fulfill his promise to "bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end."

"Shortly after taking office, I announced our new strategy for Iraq and for a transition to full Iraqi responsibility," Obama said. "And I made it clear that by Aug. 31, 2010, America's combat mission in Iraq would end. And that is exactly what we are doing - as promised and on schedule."

Obama's speech came amid political tensions and uncertainty in Iraq over the failure by major parties to agree on forming a new government five months after inconclusive parliamentary elections.

An increase in deadly attacks in July has raised concern that insurgents are taking advantage of a political vacuum to sow sectarian strife.

Obama, facing growing opposition at home to the war in Afghanistan where he has increased US troop levels to confront a Taliban resurgence, also sought to rally public support.

"We face huge challenges in Afghanistan," he said. "But it's important that the American people know that we are making progress and we're focused on goals that are clear and achievable."

But Obama told veterans that a key chapter in the Iraq war is coming to a close.


1. What month did Obama promise to end combat operations in Iraq?

2. What group was he speaking to in Atlanta?

3. When are the congressional elections?


1. August.

2. Disabled American Veterans.

3. November.


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Combat mission in Iraq to end this month

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Combat mission in Iraq to end this month

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