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Launch pad for Apple in China

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After waiting eight months, Apple fans will finally be able to get their hands on an iPad in China, as the company officially launches its era-defining product in the Chinese mainland on Sept 17.

WIFI models of the iPad will be available at the Apple stores in Sanlitun, Beijing, and Pudong, Shanghai, as well as some authorized resellers. The prices are 3,988 yuan ($592) for the 16GB model, 4,788 yuan for the 32GB and 5,588 yuan for the 64GB.

However, the WIFI + 3G models are still not available in China.

The iPhone launched in the Chinese mainland last October without the WIFI receiver and the YouTube application and, as yet, there is no information about when the iPhone 4 will be available here.

However, the iPad comes with all the original functions, including the already built-in YouTube application, which means Chinese owners can use it when they take the iPad abroad.

All the applications in the App Store are available to Chinese customers and many mainstream Chinese media already have iPad applications in the App Store, including China Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Beijing News and Modern Weekly.

Apple sold 3 million iPads in just 80 days after its launch in the United States and launching the iPad is the company's second important step in the Chinese mainland this year, after it opened the Shanghai Apple Store this July.

The company aims to open 25 stores by the end of 2012.

Apple's second-quarter financial report, released this April, suggests the company's revenue was $1.3 billion in China over the past six months.

A salesman at the Sanlitun Apple Store said the store offers a free Personal Setup service to every iPad customer, to help them customize the gadget by loading applications from the App Store.

The two Apple retail stores in China are also hosting special iPad workshops to help customers learn more about the product. Those who are interested can visit www.apple.com.cn/sanlitun or www.apple.com.cn/pudong to find out more and reserve a spot.


1. How long did Apple fans have to wait to buy iPads?

2. What will they sell for?

3. Will iPads in China have all the functions?


1. Eight months.

2. The prices are 3,988 yuan ($592) for the 16GB model, 4,788 yuan for the 32GB and 5,588 yuan for the 64GB.

3. The iPad comes with all the original functions.


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Launch pad for Apple in China

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Launch pad for Apple in China

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