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Students in UK warned by police

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British police have warned students not to use violence in a protest on Tuesday against a planned rise in tuition fees, after clashes at two previous demonstrations.

Organizers are calling for students and school pupils to take to the streets in a "national day of action" against the Conservative-led coalition government's plans to almost triple tuition fees to up to 9,000 pounds ($14,500) a year.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts said in a statement the event, launched once more via Facebook, has around 24,000 people pledging to join action on the day.

Protesters smashed windows and started fires at the building housing the Conservative Party headquarters in London during a march early this month, and there were also scuffles and vandalism in the capital last week.

Police were criticized on both occasions, for failing to realize the potential for trouble at the first and then for alleged heavy-handed tactics at the second.

The capital's Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Stephenson has since warned that "the game has changed" in policing protests and that he expected more disorder.

The student demonstrations are the first protests directly linked to the government's spending cuts. Labour unions are warning of strikes and more action as anger rises over job cuts and the loss of some public services.

Student protesters say they feel betrayed by the coalition government, in particular by junior partner the Liberal Democrats, who had promised before May's general election to oppose higher tuition fees.

More than 100 Lib-Dem candidates defeated in May have signed a petition urging the party's members of parliament to vote against the rise.


1. How much will tuition fees now cost under the new plan?

2. How many people have pledged to join on facebook?

3. What is the name of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner?


1. 9,000 pounds.

2. 24,000.

3. Paul Stephenson.

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Students in UK warned by police

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Students in UK warned by police

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