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Vietnam envoy hails 'comradely' China ties

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Stressing its special relationship with China as one of "good comrades", Vietnamese ambassador to China Nguyen Van Tho on Thursday said he was optimistic about solving bilateral issues including disputes in the South China Sea.

Tho told reporters that the two nations will hold a new round of talks on South China Sea issues this year, without mentioning a specific date. "I am optimistic about this issue," said Tho.

"As long as the two sides follow the consensus that the two nations' leaders have reached, stick to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and attend to the overall situation, this issue could have a satisfactory settlement," said Tho.

Tho said the talks will be conducted on the basis of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concluded in 1982, and based on mutual respect and friendship.

Tho appreciated efforts by the two nations' leaders that have prevented the issue from becoming too complicated before a basic and lasting solution is found.

Disputes over the South China Sea were aggravated last year after the United States claimed "national interests" in the sea at a regional security forum held in Vietnam, which also claims sovereignty of some islands in the South China Sea.

China has always said its sovereignty over the islands in the South Sea China is indisputable and insisted on pushing for a resolution through peaceful negotiations and friendly dialogue according to international law on bilateral platforms.

Commenting on Vietnam-China relations, Tho said they are "good neighbors, friends, comrades and partners".


1. What is the name of the Vietnamese ambassador to China?

2. What sea is in dispute?

3. When did the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea conclude?


1. Nguyen Van Tho.

2. South China Sea.

3. 1982.


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Vietnam envoy hails 'comradely' China ties

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Vietnam envoy hails 'comradely' China ties

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