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Australia braces for cyclones

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Flood-shattered Australia braced for further downpours on Sunday. Two tropical cyclones hammered toward the devastated northeast, threatening further misery for already submerged towns.

Tropical Cyclone Anthony was intensifying as it closed in on Queensland state, where it was expected to make landfall on Sunday night near the northeastern city of Townsville, the weather bureau said.

Abnormally high tides were forecast along the coast along with intense rain and flooding. Heavy rains hit vast areas of the state earlier this month, swamping tens of thousands of homes and killing 35 people.

"Can any more cruel blows actually land on Queensland and the nation? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes," said Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

An especially strong La Nina weather pattern is gripping Australia, bringing flooding rains and increasing the chance of cyclones due to cooler waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Record flooding devastated an area larger than France and Germany combined in Queensland state earlier this month after Tropical Cyclone Tasha unleashed huge downpours which engorged rivers to bursting point.


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Australia braces for cyclones

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Australia braces for cyclones

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