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Designers vie to display wares at Oscars

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Fashion fans are in a frenzy as Hollywood counts down to the Oscars, with designers and jewelers vying to provide the gorgeous gowns and fabulous gems on the red carpet on Sunday night.

Often referred to as the most famous runway in the world, the Academy Awards show offers fashion houses an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their most spectacular creations to hundreds of millions of television viewers worldwide.

The priceless publicity, and unspoken celebrity endorsements, can also influence mainstream fashion trends for seasons to come - with an impact, eventually, on the high street.

The timeless allure of a silver or platinum beaded gown has long been a popular choice, and Sandra Bullock, last year's winner of the Best Actress award, chose a spectacular form-fitting gown in silvery tones by Marchesa.

Helen Mirren followed in a silver Badgley Mischka, Kate Winslet in a platinum Yves St. Laurent and Cameron Diaz in a strapless oyster Oscar de la Renta gown with metallic ribbon and gold embroidery.

In previous years both younger actresses like Anne Hathaway (Armani Prive 2009) and Jessica Beal (Prada 2009), and more established stars including Julianne Moore (Calvin Klein 2010) have opted for gold and silver gowns.

Nothing speaks of class and a classic sense of style more than vintage couture: Julia Roberts wore a memorable black and white vintage Valentino gown when she won best actress for Erin Brockovich a decade ago.

Of this year's nominees, perhaps only Michelle Williams, nominated for her role in Blue Valentine, could be persuaded to take this route.

Some say Helena Bonham Carter was born for vintage couture, but the quirky British actress is known for a more eccentric and individual look: She always wears Vivienne Westwood with a great deal of panache.

The leading contenders for Best Actress, Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan and Annette Bening for The Kids Are Alright, each have their own style.

Bening almost invariably wears black Armani; a simple tuxedo or a slightly more elaborate creation, such as the strapless long-sleeved fishtail gown she chose to wear to the 2005 Oscars.

The very pregnant Portman - who met her husband-to-be on the set of Black Swan - may decide to stick with cult label Rodarte, which created some of the costume designs for the ballet thriller's Swan Lake scenes.

However, she is also a fan of celebrity favorite Lanvin, and now that she is the new face of Christian Dior, there is a good chance she'll opt for a classic custom Dior gown.

Nicole Kidman - an enviable figure, tall and slender with porcelain skin, light auburn hair and a classically proportioned face - rarely makes fashion faux pas. She has often favored Chanel couture as well as Balenciaga, John Galliano for Dior, Tom Ford for both Gucci and Yves St Laurent.


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Designers vie to display wares at Oscars

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Designers vie to display wares at Oscars

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