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Students delay study plans in Japan

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Many Chinese students are putting their overseas study plans on hold to avoid possible radioactive contamination from the recent nuclear emergency in Japan.

"I'm not clear about the consequences of Japan's radioactive contamination, so I'm considering other options at the moment," said 22-year-old Xu Lu, a senior at Peking University, who received an enrollment notice from the University of Tokyo before the emergency.

During the 16th China International Education Exhibition Tour in Shanghai on March 19, several universities in Tokyo stated they were far from the earthquake-stricken areas, local media reported.

They hoped to reduce the anxiety and attract more Chinese students to study in Japan.

Zhang Jiyao, a 27-year-old Shanghai native who just finished his studies at Senshu University in Japan, chose to return to Shanghai immediately after the graduation ceremony.

"My intention was to stay there for another half-year, looking for jobs," he said. "However, considering the recent nuclear emergencies, I don't feel comfortable staying there."

Zhang said many of his friends who had not yet finished their studies were brought home by their parents after the emergency.

Shen Junyao, a senior consultant at China SOOS, a Shanghai-based overseas education agency, said the number of overseas students to Japan will not be affected much after the earthquake.

"Lots of students and their parents are worried about the current situation in Japan, so we suggest they wait and see," she said.

"But Japan is the only country that uses Japanese, and considering its economic status, it still has a huge attraction to Chinese students compared to Korea and Singapore."


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Students delay study plans in Japan

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Students delay study plans in Japan

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