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UK, France discuss unrest in Libya

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British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were scheduled to hold talks in Paris on Wednesday about the military operation in Libya.

The talks come amid a public rift with the US over the NATO-led Libya campaign, which has failed to rout government forces after air strikes. Sarkozy's office said in a statement that the British and French defense chiefs will also join the talks in Paris.

France says NATO is not doing enough, and British and French officials believe Washington's military strength is needed to ensure the mission's success.

But the Obama administration insisted on Tuesday that the US will stick to its plan to remain in the back seat.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Wednesday the military intervention in Libya will end with Gadhafi's departure, but he cannot predict how soon that could happen.

The African Union (AU) is seeking a way to establish a cease-fire and is trying to convince rebels in Benghazi to join in the effort, a spokesman said.

Despite the rebel leaders' refusal to accept an AU-sponsored peace plan, Nouredin Mezni, spokesman for the chairman of the AU Commission, said he hoped a cease-fire could be established "within days or hours".


1. What is the name of the French president?

2. Where will the talks be held?

3. What does AU stand for?


1. Nicolas Sarkozy.

2. Paris.

3. African Union.


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UK, France discuss unrest in Libya

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UK, France discuss unrest in Libya

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