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6.8-magnitude earthquake hits India, leaving at least 53 dead

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A 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit areas in the northeast state of Sikkim and its surrounding areas on Sunday night, killing at least 53.

According to China's Tibetan seismologic network's measurement, the epicenter depth was about 20 kilometers.

Four aftershocks had been reported as of Monday morning, among which a 4.8-magnitude was the worst.

Thirty-one casualties were confirmed by police in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, the epicenter of Sunday night's quake. More deaths were reported in nearby Nepal, and in China's Tibet autonomous region.

Indian government dispatched 5,000 troops and nine military choppers to Indian quake-hit areas, and rescued at least 300 local people and 23 tourists from high danger zones.

Rain and landslides hampered the search for survivors.

Thick clouds prevented helicopters from flying over the affected areas, and authorities said casualties could rise. Thousands of soldiers helping rescue efforts may not reach many areas until Tuesday because high mountain passes are blocked.

"The situation doesn't look good," an official from the UN disaster management team in New Delhi told Reuters. "My feeling is that the death toll and number of injured are going to increase."

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6.8-magnitude earthquake hits India, leaving at least 53 dead

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6.8-magnitude earthquake hits India, leaving at least 53 dead

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