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Hu urges G20 to safeguard fragile recovery

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President Hu Jintao urged members of the G20 to sustain and strengthen the "hard-won" momentum of economic recovery, which is fragile and faces challenges.

Hu made the remark in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper, prior to the G20 summit due to be held in the Mexican resort city of Los Cabos from Monday to Tuesday.

He arrived on Saturday for the summit, which will focus on global growth and stability.

The eurozone debt crisis, the sluggish performance of many economies and high unemployment rates in some countries threaten a weak recovery, experts said.

The world economy is on the path to recovery and prospects for economic growth are improving, to some extent, Hu said. But the recovery is still not stable, and faces acute challenges, he said.

"Total global demand remains weak. Growth in major economies is sluggish... It is becoming more difficult for countries to coordinate their macroeconomic policies," he said.

At the seventh G20 summit, Hu, who participated in the previous six meetings, is expected to expand on China's stance regarding key issues. He will also meet other leaders to discuss the global economic situation, development, trade and employment.

The G20, consisting of both developed and emerging economies, has played an important role in addressing the international financial crisis and promoting world economic stability and recovery, and has become the premier platform of global economic governance, Hu said.

Hu also urged all G20 members to continue to advance the reform of the international financial system, meet targets for IMF quota and governance reform, improve the international monetary system and enhance international financial regulation.

"We should continue to oppose protectionism in all forms and advance the Doha round negotiations. We should continue to give high priority to development and promote the growth of developing countries to increase total global demand," he said.

Regarding the European sovereign debt, "an issue of general concern", Hu said the "G20 should address it in a constructive and cooperative way, encourage and support efforts made by Europe to resolve it and send a signal of confidence to the market".


1. Where is the summit being held?

2. How many meetings has President Hu Jintao previously participated in?

3. What type of economies does the G20 consist of?


1. Los Cabos.

2. 6.

3. Developed and emerging economies.

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Hu urges G20 to safeguard fragile recovery

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Hu urges G20 to safeguard fragile recovery

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