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Shenzhen ponders bad-behavior law

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Whether police or the urban management bureau will enforce proposed regulations for bad public behavior has become the latest hot topic in Shenzhen, as the city is drafting the nation's first legislation on the issue.

The city in Guangdong province has carried out three opinion polls and three rounds of debate about the regulation since late June. The regulation-making process has drawn wide public attention.

The first opinion poll of 81,000 people focused on which behaviors are bad.

The 10 most common bad behaviors include setting up street stalls, spitting, throwing garbage on the street and cutting in line.

The 10 most controversial behaviors include raising dogs without registration, bringing dogs to parks, gyms and other public places, and smoking in public places.

The 10 behaviors residents believe should be punished the most include throwing things from cars or buildings, and damaging manhole covers and traffic signs.

The second opinion poll, carried out in late July, focused on punishment. Of the 103,623 questionnaires collected, 80 percent said bad behaviors should lead to "severe punishment," while 60 percent believe those who continue to behave badly should be kept from working as civil servants.

About the fines, 34 percent of residents agree with 200 yuan ($31), while 29 percent support 50 yuan, and 45 percent believe it is reasonable to impose fines of 50 to 200 yuan.

Questions in the third poll included which government department should enforce the law, which behaviors would require administrative detention, and which community services would be adopted as punishment.

Dai Guangyu, deputy head of the committee for education, science, culture and public health of the Shenzhen People's Congress Standing Committee, said that in Japan and Singapore, the police are the main enforcement bodies for bad behavior in public.

Dai said the result of this opinion poll will come out in two or three days.

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Shenzhen ponders bad-behavior law

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Shenzhen ponders bad-behavior law

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