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Teens in Shenyang gobble up ice cream iPhones

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While many fans of Apple products in China are eagerly awaiting the debut of Apple’s iPhone 5, an ice cream named after the latest piece of must-have technology has already conquered young people in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province.

The iPhone 5 ice cream hit stores in April, and it resembles the Apple logo and has a phone printed on the packaging.

"The target customers of iPhone and our ice cream are the same - young people who are stylish and fashionable. So we want to make use of iPhone's big influence to attract more customers," said Gao Yuxin, head of the marketing center of Deshi Group, the producer of the ice cream.

The ice cream is now a bestseller.

"I can sell about 50 Apple ice creams per day, while only selling about 10 of other brands. Most of the buyers are young people," said Zhou Duo, owner of a small shop in Shenyang.

"I'm eating an iPhone 5. It's fantastic and funny," said Xu Ying, a teenager who is also an Apple fan.

Since Apple's iPhone became a must-have gadget for many Chinese, the trademark "iPhone" has been registered in many fields.

Apple Inc only registered 27 of the 45 trademark classes in China. The rest of the categories have been registered by Chinese enterprises.

According to Gao, Deshi submitted an application to register the trademark "iPhone 5" to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce last year.

"We are waiting for approval," Gao said.

"Deshi can use the trademark because it is used in a different sector that Apple Inc didn't register," said Jiang Di, a lawyer.

A staff member from the China trademark registration service center said Deshi's use of the trademark is not an infringement.

"Although this kind of registration is not illegal, it should not be encouraged. It will add a burden to trademark management and harm the development of domestic brands," Jiang said.

"Authorities should revise the Trademark Law to prevent such behavior. It's better for domestic companies to learn from Apple's technology and marketing strategy rather than using its brand to advertise," she added.


1. What form of iPhone5 is now available in China?

2. Where can you buy this product?

3. How many are being sold a day?


1. Ice cream.

2. Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province.

3. About 50 Apple ice creams are sold per day, at one small shop in Shenyang.

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Teens in Shenyang gobble up ice cream iPhones

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Teens in Shenyang gobble up ice cream iPhones

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