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Xi calls for targeted policies to fight poverty

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In a village in Huayuan county, Hunan province, Shi Pazhuan, the 64-year-old wife of Shi Zhiwen, asked the visitor to her humble home, "May I ask your name?" The village head explained she was speaking with Xi Jinping, the president and Party chief.

After learning Shi's age, the president said: "You are an elder sister to me."

In a visit to the poverty-stricken south of Hunan on Sunday, President Xi Jinping said alleviating poverty in the region should be done with targeted policies, including improving agriculture and education.

"Poverty alleviation plans should be made based on real situations," Xi said. "It should be targeted at specific groups in specific situations and should avoid using loud slogans."

Xi said three things are important to alleviating poverty: economic development, basic publicwelfare and education.

He hopes that a solution can be found in Hunan and possibly duplicated for other poverty-stricken regions in China.

The mountainous area is located in the central and western regions of Hunan province and is considered a principal battlefield for regional development and poverty alleviation.

During his visit, Xi went to Changputang, a village which is populated by mostly the Tujia ethnic group.

He said better technology and a bigger market are needed to improve agriculture in the village. He advised villagers to keep an eye on the market and look ahead. Xi also encouraged them to work harder.

Agriculture is the key economic engine in the area. From 2011 to 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture invested 1.23 billion yuan to boost development in the area. Today, southern Hunan is the largest base for lilies and kiwis in China.


1. What three things are important to alleviating poverty, according to President Xi ?

2. Which village, populated by mostly the Tujia ethnic group, did the president visit?

3. What is the key economic engine of the area?


1. Economic development, basic public welfare and education.

2. Changputang.

3. Agriculture.

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Xi calls for targeted policies to fight poverty

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Xi calls for targeted policies to fight poverty

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