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'Jihad Jane' sentenced to 10 years for murder plot

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A US judge on Monday sentenced a US woman who called herself Jihad Jane to 10 years in prison -at least a decade less than prosecutors had sought for her role in a failed plot to kill a Swedish artist who had depicted the head of the Muslim prophet Mohammad on a dog.

Colleen LaRose, 50, who converted to Islam online and has maintained her faith, was given credit for the four years she has already served. LaRose, who pleaded guilty to following orders in 2009 from alleged al-Qaida operatives, could have received a life sentence.

"It's a just and reasonable sentence," her attorney, Mark Wilson, told reporters after the hearing. "She's pleased. Ten years is about what we were hoping for all along."

US District Judge Petrese Tucker called LaRose's crimes "gravely serious", adding: "The court has no doubt that, given the opportunity, Ms LaRose would have completed the mission."

Tucker also cited the significant cooperation LaRose has given the Federal Bureau of Investigation in other terrorism cases since her 2009 arrest.

LaRose, who used the name Jihad Jane as she became involved in the Muslim online community, traveled to Europe in 2009 intending to participate in a militant plot to shoot artist Lars Vilks.

But LaRose became impatient with the men who lured her to Europe and she gave up after six weeks and returned to Philadelphia, where she was arrested.

At Monday's hearing, LaRose apologized for blindly following the instructions of her handlers.

"I was in a trance, and I couldn't see anything else," she said. "I don't want to be in jihad no more."

Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams had sought "decades behind bars" for LaRose, arguing that despite her extensive cooperation, she still was a danger to society. Prosecutors also had pointed out that LaRose -a blond, green-eyed, white American - did not fit the stereotype of an Islamic militant.

While LaRose was in contact with an al-Qaida operative in Pakistan, her conspirators repeatedly bungled a plot that never moved much past the planning stages. Vilks, the artist, had told Reuters that he believes LaRose has spent enough time in prison and should be freed.

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'Jihad Jane' sentenced to 10 years for murder plot

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'Jihad Jane' sentenced to 10 years for murder plot

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